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Trekking in Lombardy

The best trails near Bergamo

For lovers of trekking and nature trails, the surroundings of Hotel San Pancrazio are a treasure trove to fall in love with. Lombardy offers many opportunities to spend fantastic days in the open air.

Bergamo and its surroundings are the ideal starting point for trekking trails suitable for everyone. You can choose between simple nature walks, discovering charming mountain villages or admiring the crystal clear water of Bergamo’s lakes.
Val Vertova: one of the most beautiful trails in the area, suitable for the whole family, it is a gently sloping old mule track that runs alongside streams, waterfalls and small lakes. One of the most characteristic trekking excursions in Lombardy for a dip in cool mountain waters.

• Crespi D’Adda: a visit to the Unesco world heritage site workers’ village is a must during your stay in Bergamo. An evocative place where time seems to stand still, a walk full of endless emotional nuances.
• Valle del freddo: a nature reserve below Bergamo whose characteristic feature is the presence of small holes in the ground from which cold air blows out! You will encounter plant species typical of high-altitude atmospheres such as edelweiss, a natural site to explore on a guided tour.
• Excursion to Monte Canto: a challenging and rewarding trail that starts in Pontida and passes through many places of interest such as the abandoned village of Canto and the Abbey of Sant’Egidio.

Lombardy is a land of excursions and trails to be discovered, and the surroundings of Bergamo offer some of the most beautiful panoramas in the region where you can enjoy many sports in nature:

• biking trails, to discover the hills and historic villages from an unprecedented perspective, on your own or in organised groups
• canyoning in Val Brembana, for adrenalin-fuelled experiences on a spectacular stretch of alpine torrent
• tandem paragliding, a unique and exciting way to discover the landscape of Lombardy from above.

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